Optical Floating Zone Furnace(Shaft seal:O-ring type)

Feature: Crystal Systems Co. has succeeded in developing a four mirror optical floating zone furnace. Temperature distribution around the horizontal plane can be drastically homogenized and can be applied to the growth of high-quality single crystals.

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(1) Stable temperature profile by using the four mirror system
(2) Various Lamps for your materials
Halogen Lamps(For Desktop, Standard, Large types)
The most suitable lamps for your materials can be selected from various power lamps. 150W, 300W, 500W, 1,000W and 1,500W lamps are available.
Xenon Lamps for high temperature furnaces
(3) Wide Range Operational Conditions
Easy flow rate control and pressure control from high vacuum (6.7 x 10-3Pa) to high pressure (0.95MPa) by using a unique sealed system.
(4) Remote cotrol with PC

Operation Screen
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Space Saving Type
Standard Type
High Power Type
Super High Temp Type