Laser Floating Zone Furnace

Feature: We, Crystal Systems Corporation, have started suppling new model of “Laser-diode floating zone (LDFZ) furnace”. The new model is total 1KW in power(the first model in 2011 was 350W) and it makes possible to grow larger crystal under stable growing conditions.

Laser operational mode CW(continuous wave)
Max power 1000W (200W x 5 laser diode units)
Center wave length 976nm±5nm
Laser oscillation angle 0~30 degrees (changeable)
Cooling Water-cooled by 2 re-circulating chillers
Sealing O-ring seal
Pressure 0.95 MPa & Vacuum:6.7 x 10-3Pa
Crystal length 150 mm
Growth speed 0.01 – 300 mm / hour (fast moving: 6 – 150mm / minute)
Rotation speed 5 – 100 rpm
Control system LabVIEW (OS Windows 7) and Hand-control-box with remote control (Team Viewer)
Monitoring CCD camera and monitor
Atmospheric gas Ar 5liter /min , O2 500cc /min , Air 10 liter/min
Power 3 phases / 200-220V/ 20A