High pressure model of Laser Floating Zone Furnace

Feature: This is high pressure model of Laser diode floating zone furnece up to 15 MPa.
We provide service for melting and growing crystal by using feed-rod and seed-rod supplied by customer under high pressure. The high pressure type of Laser FZ furnace is not for sale.
LaNiO3(φ4mm)under growing Laser diode unit and Chamber
Laser operational mode CW(continuous wave)
Max power 1500W (500W x 3 laser diode units)
Center wave length 800 - 1100nm
Laser oscillation angle 0~30 degrees (changeable)
Cooling Water-cooled by 2 re-circulating chillers
Sealing O-ring seal
Pressure 15 MPa
Vacuum 6.7 x 10-3 Pa
Crystal length 50 mm
Growth speed slow moving:0.01 – 300 mm / hour
fast moving:1 – 150mm / minute
Rotation speed 3 – 100 rpm
Flow gas
1flow ( gas )

FYR http://staff.aist.go.jp/t.ito