Single Crystal Sample Rod Manufacturing Equipment

Feature: In the growth of single crystals by the floating zone method, the molten zone Is sustained by the feed rod through the surface tension, therefore the Qualities of a feed rod are very important and have a strong influence on the Stability and successful formation of the molten zone. Crystal Systems Corp. Offers high quality process tools for starting rod which enable to make a straight and uniform feed rod.
(1) Rod Making Package RM-001
- Inject a starting rod effectively into a rubber tube.
- Use a vacuum pump to exhausting residual air.
(2) Hydrostatic Press System
- Solidify the sample power by the hydrostatic press
(3) Rotational Lifter
- Sinter the feed rod as you programed.
- Make a straight and uniform sintered rod
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Rod Making Package Hydrostatic Press System Rotational Lifter