Crystal Systems Corporation is a Leading Supplier of Optical Floating Zone Furnaces.

Crystal Systems Corporation (CSC) is the top and only one supplier of optical floating zone furnaces using four mirror systems (USP 5,762,707). The optical floating zone furnace has a wide range of applications for the study of both single crystal growth and phase diagram. Our four mirror systems can achieve very uniform temperature profile around the horizontal plane which should be one of the most important factors for the growth of high-quality single crystals by the floating zone method. Furthermore, our four mirror systems use mirrors made of glass, and SCR power control unit, which greatly reduce the weight, size and production cost. With its highest quality of the products, Crystal Systems Corporation has more than 70% market share in the global market.
October, 2018

We have finished developing High pressure model of Laser floating zone (FZ) furnace.

We’ve developed max 15MPa of high pressure model of laser-diode floating zone furnace with National Institute of Advanced Industry Science and Technology(AIST) and University of Yamanashi under "Industry promotion project Grant-in-aid in fiscal year 2016" by Yamanashi prefecture.
February, 2016

We have started suppling new model of “Laser-diode floating zone (LDFZ) furnace”.

We’ve developed more powerful (1KW) LDFZ furnace compared to the initial model in 2011, and started suppling them to our customers in the world since February 2016.
September, 2013

Floating zone furnace using inclined reflection mirror was commecialized.

The furnace irradiates infrared ray from upper part of 30 degress inclined angle, and it can grow larger diameter ( almost double ) compared to conventional crystal growing furnace.
October, 2012 Crystal Systems Corp. received Consignment Job from NEDO regarding "Development of next generationHigh function technology". The consigned theme is "R&D of N-type square Silicon single crystalgrowth method by IR FZ method". (Co-researchers: The University of Yamanashi / Crystal Systems Corp)
This technology enables cost down of HIT advanced solar cell production cost drastically and establish low cost and high performance solar cell supply structure.
September 30, 2011 With the research guidance of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Correlated Electronics Group, Electronics and Photonics research Institute), and with cooperation by Miyachi Corp. Crystal Systems Corp succeeded to create Laser-diode heating floating zone furnace of which characteristic is very good focusing with laser diode heating source converting energy at high efficiency.
October 1, 2010 New Infrared image furnace for material evaluation in super high temperature area was launched into the market in addition for current single crystal growth application..
April 1, 2010 Crystal Systems Corp. received the Research consignment of "Research & Development of Local Area Innovation Creation" from The Kanto Economic Affairs Bureau The new large crystal building completed.